Bishop Industrial offers several options to dry air. Select from Refrigerated, Single or Twin Tower Desiccant and Membrane Air Dryers.

Refrigerated Air Dryers:

Dries compressed air by cooling it to about 2 Deg. C at which point the moisture begins to condense into liquid water and is drained off. Available in multiple voltages and capacities from10 to 5,000 cubic feet per minute. Link to PDF Brochure

Single Tower Desiccant Dryers:

Dry air by adsorption. Once the desiccant becomes saturated, it needs to be replaced or regenerated. They can achieve dew points of up to minus 40 deg. C for a limited time.

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Twin Tower Desiccant Dryers:

Dry air by adsorption, with partial air flow redirected from from one tower to regenerate the desiccant bed in the second tower by a timer and valve system. May also incorporate a heating system to speed regeneration.  Sizes from 5 to 10,000 cubic feet per minute. They can achieve continuous dew points of over minus 40 degrees C.

Membrane Air Dryers:

Dry air by mechanical separation, using hollow micro fibers that restrict the flow of water vapor. Call for additional information.