Bishop Industrial Products Ltd

We are a specialty industrial product distributor specializing in Pump, Air Compressor and Pressure Washer equipment. We handle an extensive range of products and repair parts, and are able to provide competent personnel, tools, equipment and support services required for the preventive and routine maintenance as well as breakdown repair of most rotating equipment. In addition, we are entrusted with providing our customers with  warranty repair services on behalf of numerous world class manufacturers.

Shop Services:

· Repair / Rebuild service to most types and sizes of pumps, pressure washers and air compressors
· Shop Fabrication and assembly of package units and instrumentation control systems
· Hose Fabrication / Assembly (Air, Water, Chemical, Hydraulic)
· Welding (Carbon Arc, MIG, TIG, Gas)
· Surface Preparation (Glass Beading, Sandblasting, Hot Caustic Tank, Ultrasonic)
· Painting (Enamel and Epoxy coatings)
· Testing: Test tank for pump and motor testing. (flow, pressure, voltage and current tests)
·Test stand for pumps and compressors
·Hydrostatic Testing
·Performance Tests

Field Services:

· New system commissioning
· System engineering analysis
· Site inspections, repairs and re-commissioning
· Alignments
· Equipment removal and re-installation
· Preventative and scheduled maintenance and service contracts

Design & Engineering:

· Prototype equipment and system design
· Equipment troubleshooting and root cause failure analysis.

Bishop Industrial Products Ltd.

Business Hours

8:00am - 4:30pm