Piloted discharge check valves are a combination valve used to run an air compressor (gas or electric) in continuous run (load/unload) mode. They consist of a pilot valve, a discharge unloader valve and a check valve in one unit. They control secondary devices such as a throttle control or head unloaders using a pneumatic signal. The check valve prevents back-flow as the compressor builds pressure. The pilot remains closed until the downstream pressure reaches the unload setting. The pilot then opens and pressurizes the unloader. This causes the unloader to open and vent the compressor discharge to atmosphere. As air is used down stream, and the pressure drops, the unloader closes and tank pressure will build again.

R Conrader makes close to 500 different versions of piloted discharge check valves divided into the following series.

  • – NR Series to 14 SCFM
  • – NS Series to 25 SCFM
  • – N series to 30 SCFM
  • – NL Series to 60 SCFM

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